Your Cool Companion for Hot Weather !

It’s all too familiar. The humid, summer heat in Singapore leaves us feeling lethargic and unproductive by day; sweaty and unable to sleep by night. The obvious solution is to keep the air-conditioner on full blast. However, that would incur a hefty electricity bill and is detrimental to our climate.

How can we be environmentally responsible without compromising on the quality of our day?

Forget the ice popsicles, portable fans and elaborate cooling systems.

WildZERO Cold Pack is your best companion for the scorching Heat.

It is reusable and upon activation with a couple of squeezes, it provides immediate relief. Its compact size allows you to slip it into your pockets and bags, making it convenient to bring around.

Going beyond its initial purpose, it has been a lifesaver in this COVID-19 pandemic. WildZERO Cold Pack provides doctors and nurses with a cooling comfort  through their thick layers of personal protective equipment (PPE). This keeps them refreshed, charged up and ready to fight on.

WildZERO Cold Pack is for everyone. Be it at work, during workouts or at home, you can have a quick refresher. It can also serve as a cold compress for bruises, aches and other injuries. Don’t compromise on your physical comfort. Looking after your wellbeing gives you mental comfort.

It is pretty much hot all year round in Singapore. Discomfort shouldn’t be an option. Chase the heat away with WildZERO Cold Pack. Stay safe, hydrated and most importantly, stay cool.

visit WildZERO® Instant Cold Pack – Pelen to find out more :)

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