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WildZERO® Instant Cold Pack

WildZERO® is an instant cold pack, providing you with immediate relief from the Heat and Discomfort! It is a dry pack and doesn’t need to be pre-chilled before using it for the first time. It’s squeeze on-demand.
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HomeSav Energy Saving Sticker

HomeSav Energy Saving Sticker is a handy sheet coated with our patented (Singapore) liquid coating to optimise electricity efficiency. HomeSav reduces electricity bills by at least 10% for homes.

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Meet The Team

The founding members possess a broad spectrum of knowledge in applied physics and chemistry. Combine the knowledge with more than 70 years of accumulated experience in business and industrial applications enable Pelen to offer holistic solutions to our business partners.

YUEN Cheok Pui

BEng (Mechanical) from Nanyang Technological University
As co-inventor of Pelen’s Free-Shape Heater (2018), Cheok Pui was engaged as a Director of Operations in a European subsidiary of a Singaporean company before returning home in 2010 to focus on business and product development of thermal management solutions for his employer. During this period, he developed an ultra-flexible self-adhesive heating tape which was qualified in South Korea to be used for warming public facilities.

Dr Desmond ANG

Ph.D for Green Chemistry from Monash University

Desmond specializes on the syntheses of rare earth metals and green technological applications, and holds academic positions in both Nanyang Technological University and Hong Kong PolyTech University. His vast industrial experience in electrochemistry processes made him a valuable consultant in the regional manufacturing sectors. Desmond is now personally involved in the development of 3D printable functional interposal materials to meet the high thermal demands of electronic devices.


LIU Song Lin

BSc and MSc in Applied Chemistry and Material Science from NTU
As co-inventor of Pelen’s Free-Shape Heater (2018), Song Lin specializes in material syntheses and characterization. His training background made him a major contributor of Pelen’s products.
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