WildZERO® Instant Cold Pack

Beat the Heat and Discomfort Anytime Anywhere!

Key Features


No Pre-Chill Needed

WildZERO® Instant Cold Packs do not require pre-chill for first use. You can activate this cold pack anytime anywhere when needed without the hassle of pre-chilling.

On Demand Activation

Squeeze or punch the WildZERO® Instant Cold Pack to activate it. Shake well to ensure even coldness and best results. This is a cold pack on demand, just a squeeze away!

Instant Heat Relief

WildZERO® provides you with immediate relief from the heat. Perfect for hot and humid environment to reduce heat irritations.

Instant Pain Relief

WildZERO® can be used as cold compress for various emergency conditions and minor injuries. Instant pain relief for muscle sprain, spasm, bruises, nerve pain, headaches, fever, etc.


Easy to Carry

WildZERO® is dry and compact in size. You can conveniently carry it along for various outdoor activities like workouts, ball games, camping, backpacking, contact sports and road trips.

Reusable as Ice Pack / Cold Pack

The Instant Cold Pack is reusable as normal ice pack/ cold pack after the first use. An environmentally friendly product for our future generation.

Use Cases

Heat Relief for Hot and Humid Environment

  • Squeeze WildZERO® in your hand
  • Squeeze a few times for maximum coolness
  • Apply onto the desired areas
  • Suitable for ALL indoor & outdoor activities
  • For external use only

Discomfort Relief for Active Outdoor Activities

  • WildZERO® is compact and easy to bring along for any outdoor activities
  • Perfect for strenuous activities like workouts, ball games, and contact sports to lessen the discomfort and swelling
  • Apply onto the desired areas for cold compress therapy
  • Instant relief for muscle sprain, spasm, bruises, nerve pain, stings
  • 10 - 20 minutes for each session
  • For external use only

Emergency First Aid for Travellers

  • WildZERO® does not require pre-chilling and is easy to carry
  • Perfect for travellings, campings, backpackings, or road trips, especially with children
  • On demand activation and apply onto the desired areas for emergencies
  • Wrap the cold pack in a small towel or cloth before applying to the affected area
  • Instant relief for unexpected fever, toothaches, injuries, bumps, and bruises
  • For external use only

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