Energy Saving Coating


A revolutionary solution for Energy Saving!

Electrons inherently collide with each other randomly as they travel along a conductor. This contributes to energy wastages through heat losses and vibration.

ENVAC is a liquid treatment developed from intensive R&D efforts to improve energy efficiency. Random losses are reduced when current flow is made more streamlined. At the same time, electromagnetic interference (EMI) leakages at all contact points are suppressed.


We are happy with the results after installing ENVAC in our centralised chiller plant at SAFRA Punggol. Our clubhouse saved on the electricity bill after ENVAC has improved our chiller system’s efficiency by 10.1%

Together with ENVAC on the chiller plant equipment, our total energy conservation program achieved improved savings compared to the past years.

We appreciate the efficient and hassle-free manner Pelen worked with our facility team during the project from energy data analysis, installation, and post-project monitoring.

Frederick Tan
Manager (Operations)
SAFRA Punggol


  • Minimal facility down-time. There is no need to shut down power for installation (applicable to low voltage installation only)

  • Product is non-flammable and non-toxic. Comprehensive product tests have been conducted with international laboratories.

  • Very effective for AC induction motor (eg: water pump, conveyor motor, compressor)

  • Performance is endorsed by customers and third-party laboratories.

Efficient Energy Savings

ENVAC – Energy Saving Coating optimises Energy Savings and Costs!

Changing The World

ENVAC – Energy Saving Coating will reshape the way we think about energy savings for the future!

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