Saving Our Climate Starts with ENVAC™

COVID-19 has been life-changing for many. Despite it being tough—some even saying it is the greatest tragedy of the century since the Second World War, there are also many silver linings we can find through this dark cloud. For one, the dire climate change situation has been looking up slightly. Reports have shown that global carbon dioxide emissions have plunged to 2006 levels.

Every small gesture counts. We can start by optimizing the efficiency of the energy we use. In line with all PELEN’s simple and effective offerings with environmental preservation in mind, the patented Energy Saving Liquid is cleverly invented to minimise energy loss and help you save on energy bills!

How can ENVAChelp in Energy Saving ? 

Its unique Resonance Frequency technology creates a more efficient flow of electrons. Otherwise, when electrons inherently collide randomly with each other while travelling along the conductor, energy is lost through heat and vibration. This exciting innovation was developed through intensive research that discovered a specific field able to reduce excessive vibration among electrons. By applying this field, it also suppresses electromagnetic interference (EMI) leakages at all contact points.

The technicalities may sound complicated for some of us, but the application is straightforward.

All it takes is a simple coat of ENVAC onto the equipment’s terminal block cover.

One application is guaranteed to last 8 to 12 months. Not to worry, there is zero facility down-time.

This non-corrosive and non-flammable product has also been endorsed by third party test laboratories.

Among the many lessons that we are learning through this pandemic, let one of them be the care and appreciation for our planet. As we scramble to get through this dark period, let’s not forget the health of our climate. With just one coat of ENVAC, you are improving your equipment’s energy efficacy and saving on bills while contributing to reducing your carbon footprint and keeping the environment friendly to the butterflies and bees.

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