Fire Suppression Pad (SJFO)

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Advanced Nanotechnology

  • Integrated SJFO-Capsule with Heat Resistant Board to suppress Fire-Risk.
  • With simple installation, very Effective in Suppressing common fires
  • Excellent for Workplace Safety & Health.
  • Standard Size / Pad  :  10 x 20cm , 2mm Thickness

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Fire Suppression Pad (SJFO)

SJFO Pad is a Fire Suppression Product developed with advanced Nanotechnology. They can auto-detect, suppress fire and block the early stage of fire in a minute, by releasing fire extinguishing substances contained in Microcapsules in case of a fire. It is an effective method to protect valuable lives and properties.



SJFO Pad is very Effective for Fire prevention in:

Electrical Switch Board,  Server Rack, Control Cabinet , Enclosed space for High Power Electronic Devices (eg: Electric Car charging point, setup box)



  1. Automatically activates upon detection of high temperatures
  2. Effective in suppressing fires
  3. Swiftly extinguishes fire in the confined area
  4. No maintenance needed
  5. Simple Installation (without shutting down of facilities)



  1. Install SJFO Pad on the under surface of the top of the enclosure
  2. Remove Dirt, Grease and Moisture from the surface
  3. Peel the adhesive backing and press SJFO Pad on the surface for a few seconds
  4. SJFO Pad shouldn’t be more than 80cm from the bottom of enclosure


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