WildZERO®® Instant Cold Pack


* S$4 /pack  or  S$35/box of 10 packs

*** Every 10 packs come in a gift box.

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WildZERO® Instant Cold Pack

Weather is so Hot and Humid ?  Grab a WildZERO®   Ideal for Outdoor excursions!

WildZERO® is an instant Cold pack. Do not need to Pre-Chill on the first usage, providing immediate Relief from the Heat.

It’s squeeze on-demand, light & handy, ready to pop a pack for instant Coldness within seconds ~
After its first activation, do rinse and keep WildZERO® in the fridge or freezer. Reuse it as a normal chill pack or as an ice pack.

What Wildzero® can do for you ? 

  • It Cools instantly within seconds
  • Doesn’t need to Pre-Chill on first usage
  • Squeeze to activate only when needed
  • First Aid Kit as Cold Compress
  • Instant relief for aches, fever, sprains and discomforts
  • Reuse as Chill pack or Ice pack

On Demand Activation :

Squeeze or punch the WildZERO® Instant Cold Pack to activate it.  Shake well to ensure even coldness and best results.  This is a cold pack on demand, just a squeeze away!


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