Free Shape Heater: Where Flexibility and Sustainability Meets

There is a lot to consider when it comes to developing a product. A lot. Will it appeal to my clients? How can I make my product stand out from the rest? The list is endless but at the heart of it, what you need is a good product.

Creativity is key. For ease of production, manufacturers mostly produce heaters with fixed geometries and sizes that they have determined is suitable for the majority. And as we know it, customizations would be more costly but how are we going to break through the boundaries of innovation if we are held back by all these restrictions?

Flexible heater is your answer. Pelen has brought together material science and electrical engineering to create Free Shape Heaters (FS-1) that can be adopted in an extensive range of products with warming needs. From small-scale, personal uses like fun-shaped hand warmers or sports apparatus; to large-scale, industrial healthcare devices or maintenance of temperature along fluid pipelines, FS-1 Heaters has got you covered. With its distinct flexible heating element, they can be modelled easily into any shape. They are very Thin, Flexible and available in a standard A4 size. Customization is available upwards from 1 cm2.

Furthermore, while most devices are only capable of one form of power, FS-1 Heaters can be configured for both AC and DC current. This versatile attribute offers more freedom and convenience since reconfiguration of the device is not necessary.

As our awareness for the environment heightens, sustainability has taken a more significant position through the years as a priority in product development. However, it might be a struggle to manage between sustainability and cost. Fortunately, these low power FS-1 Heaters will provide a solution to that. With its genius technology, it requires only 100W to reach 100°C. The node and mesh are designed with low cost in mind, so that rapid mass production will not affect the product end . They are also carefully assembled to ensure that they function well without compromising safety.

Our tomorrow is shaped by the innovations of today. Staying relevant and competitive is what pushes our growth. Don’t be bounded by the restrictions of standardized structures. Thermal management shouldn’t worry you. Break free with Pelen’s FS-1 Heaters and let your creativity take the reins!

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