4 Reasons WHY you need a Free Shape Heater

Heating equipment are extensively used in personal, household, and large-scale industrial applications. Among the great variety of heating devices and systems, electrothermal heaters are the most popular due to the wide temperature range they provide, and their convenient access to power.

Most of the commonly used heaters bear some common types of limitations or drawbacks, such as size, geometry, inflexibility, environmental impact, and cost issues; making them applicable only in selected fields.

Pelen has developed a novel Free Shape Heater (https://pelen.com.sg/free-shaped-heater/), which exhibits superior performance to satisfy a much wider range of needs.

4 Reasons WHY you need a Free Shape Heater  (FSH) :

1. the most significant advantage of Pelen’s FSH is it’s breaking through the geometry limitations. With the unique combination of heating cores and circuit design as the major innovation, this thin and flexible heater can be tailored easily by users into almost any preferable shape or pattern. Without the need to change the power supply unit, the tailored FSH performs as stable as before tailoring. FSH comes in A4 sheets which is ready for tailoring, and also in larger sizes for case to case purposes.

2. The FSH operates within a wide temperature range with easy control. The robust materials selected for both functional and structural sections provide the heater with a stable long-term performance from ambient temperature to 100o And a temperature controller can be incorporated to the heater to ensure additional protection to the users and heated products.

3. The FSH is economical in terms of energy utilization. With a total thickness of lesser than 2mm, the FSH has a lower thermal mass than ordinary heaters of comparable power, so that the majority of the energy is conveyed to the target objects. To reach a temperature of 100 oC, the power density required is usually less than 5W/dm2 depending on the environment conditions. Apart from the low thermal mass, the pure resistive nature of the heating cores enables the input electricity energy to be converted into thermal energy without other forms of losses.

4. The FSH is environmentally and ecologically safe. The materials are environmentally friendly, containing no hazards like VOCs, heavy metal ions, or other toxins. Under operation mode, the FSH does not produce any form of gas, sound, or smoke, which makes the FSH an ideal device for high demand requirements such as healthcare applications.

Visit https://pelen.com.sg/free-shaped-heater/ to find out more

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