Key Features

Key Features

Squeeze to activate
when needed
instant cooling
Effective in reducing
Heat irritations
Excellent comfort in
hot & humid environment


Squeeze WildZERO® in your hand
Squeeze a few times for maximum coolness
Apply onto the desired areas
Suitable for ALL indoor & outdoor activities
For external use only

3 ways to activate WildZERO

Testimonial from a veteran Runner

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Retail Points:


1. Chinatown Visitor Centre @ 2 Banda Street, Singapore 059962, Singapore
2. Hot Spot Café @ 175 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189649
3. Pelen Pte Ltd @ 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, NorthStar @ AMK, #08-31 Singapore 569880


WuZhuangYuan Sports Academy (002965620-H)
Address : D-11-3A Menara Suecap 1 KL Gateway , Jalan Kerinchi 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Person-In-Charge: Mr David Oh / Mrs Eva Koh
Phone: +60163303693 / +60162270710

United States

Plano Ice
Address: 621 , 18TH Street, Plano , Texas 75074 , U.S.A.
Person-In-Charge: Mr Anil Asher
Phone: + 01717746 8423


Golden Forest Environmental Technology (Tianjin) Co. Ltd
Person-In-Charge: Mr Shaun Ong
Phone: +8618222897406


Is WildZERO safe for use?
WildZERO is safe. All the ingredients are safe and are free from heavy metals

What are the uses for WildZERO?
The product is created to provide instant comfort in our hot and humid climate. WildZERO can be used for all outdoor activities to cool down from the hot weather. The product can be applied to sore muscles. It is a temporary relief for people suffering from fever.

Is WildZERO reusable?
After the first on-demand activation, WildZERO can be re-use by placing them in a fridge and used as a regular chill pack, or place in the Freezer as Ice Pack.

Will the printing be rubbed off?
The print on WildZERO will not rub off and is resistant to water and alcohol.

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