8 Tips to Save Electricity Effectively

There are several ways that you can use to save electricity & lower your electricity bills.

Start Savings today,  Save Energy,  Save the Planet!

TIP 1 :  Turn Off your appliances when Not in use

You probably don’t realise that some of your appliances continue to utilise electricity even when you aren’t using them.

This will ensure there will be No Wastage of Electricity when your devices are at rest, especially when you are resting for the night.

TIP 2 :  Switch to an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner Unit

The best energy-efficient appliances have five ticks. Such an appliance is the most energy-efficient, has the best performance, and is the easiest to use.

Using an air conditioner with 5 ticks will save you 33% of your electricity bills as compared to you using one with 3 ticks!

 TIP 3 :  Set your aircon Temperature to 25 Degrees or higher

Turn up your air conditioner to 25 degrees. Use a Fan to blow for the next 5 to 10 minutes.

You may turn off the fan when the room is sufficiently cooled down. This makes the aircon compressor works more efficiently. It’s the Quickest way to cool down your room without spiking your electricity bill.

TIP 4 :  Practice good Refrigerator Habits

It is vital to keep your fridge door closed at all times.

Move your fridge one inch further away from the wall.

Removing the accumulated dust, dirt and grime that causes your fridge’s compressor to work more effectively, hence Reducing in your electricity usage.

TIP 5 :  Use Cold water to wash your clothes

Using cold water to wash your clothes, you can reduce your electricity use with every load!

Heating the water makes up 75-90% of energy used by your washing machine, so eliminating the heating process means more savings for your family!

TIP 6 :  Switch to other Electricity Retailer For Better Savings

Check out the price plans or better Deals that other retailer can offer.

Cheaper kwh for Electricity is the confirmed savings!

The most consistent way to lower your electric bills is to switch to a credible and licensed electricity retailer in Singapore.

TIP 7 :  Use LED lights

An LED light consumes up to 75% less energy , while lasting 25 times longer than normal fluorescent lighting.

LED lights help you save by making the most of your electricity consumption!

This change alone could cut a massive chunk off your electric bill.


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